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8 Best Free Dating Apps 2018: Expert Reviews

While some people believe that dating applications suck, others argue as they manage to find their couples and even spouses only with the help of the internet or mobile software.

Our service is here to help you navigate the deluge of dating applications. Based on the reviews of real clients and success rates (number of members who ended up as a couple), our team has prepared a list of the best dating apps 2018. Different services change in a better or worse way every year, so it makes no sense to read the outdated reviews. We tested these websites by signing up for various services or downloading and setting up their native mobile apps. It is easier to communicate and date on-the-go, so it makes no wonder dating software is more popular than websites.

Are you in the game? Look through our reviews of the most popular dating apps to decide which one suits you the most.

Top Dating Apps


Many people have heard of Tinder – an application created specifically for finding love. It is one of the first dating options on the market, and that is why too many opinions exist about it. The fact it is mentioned in almost every review or feedback proves its popularity. It means that you can meet many members online, and that is one of the best features. Many successful couples who managed to meet each other thanks to this software admit that Tinder is still the best of the bunch. Another great thing is that you can use this application for gaming friends too if you are not ready for the relations or simply do not need them. You can skip the process of filling out your profile’s content by inserting your favorite lyric or poem. Some people mangled to find their spouses that way. Tinder is a great option for travellers as it works globally so that you can find your destiny in another part of the world. You can install the software on both mobile device and PC.

How about We

It looks like a meet-cute application created to assist people with making friends or arranging hookups. How about We is perfect for people who would like to go outside another night instead of sitting on the four walls. Specify the location accurately to hang out with people living not far from you. If you wish to attend museums, comedy hours or cocktail meet-ups in your location, this solution may be useful. Start organizing your personal Date Map with the help of this little helper.


What if you do not wish to meet new people? What if the person of your dream is living next-door or is your classmate? If you feel uncomfortable with expressing your feelings for your friends directly, try Down. This dating app provides every user with a unique opportunity to tell people you already know that you would like to sleep with them or start serious relations. It is less terrifying than telling everything face-to-face without finding out more about the friend’s preferences. It works more effectively than “I like you” note in class.

The Most Popular Dating Apps

Tin Dog

One of the top dating apps, Tin Dog, is popular for its love for animals, especially dogs. The aim is to find perfect matches for people who simply love pets. It is a rather narrow criterion, so it does not make any sense to download the software if you have nothing to do with the dogs. Here, people choose their couples based on their dog preferences, tiny, scruffy, or else.


In this application, female members tend to be more active. They usually begin the conversation first. Male members have only one day to reciprocate. If it is about the same-gender matches, it does not matter which side starts chatting first. The system helps to weed out creepy users. You can install the app for free or pay up to $24.99 to make it work faster and obtain special features.


One of the known free dating apps is Happy. It is a local dating software. The app offers people that can meet your requirements with the help of GPS. The chances of finding a match depend on the user’s location. The service will point to who you cross paths with in real life. After it takes place several times, their profile pops up on your timeline. This way, you increase your visibility. Thanks to the convenient navigation, some users call it the best dating app free.

Online Dating Apps for Singles


The main pitfall of this software is the absence of an opportunity to sign up using your Facebook account. It means you should get ready to fulfil a lengthy questionnaire and link it to your Instagram if you want. At the same time, this detailed questionnaire will help you to find a perfect match, so we do not recommend ignoring any of the questions. Select the most important responses and decide whether your profile should be private or public. A slide-out menu will display the people who might match you best based on your replies.


This application is an up-and-coming one. What does it mean? Unlike much-modernized software for dating, this one is one of the best free dating apps because it works in a traditional way. Just like people used to get to know each other on the streets for ages, the principle is the same. You see what you see and have what you have. You may view profiles, join mixers, search for the events, and install updates. It is up to you to choose whether you need friends or a partner. Even though there are not so many users available online, the application still has positive feedback.

Coffee Meets Bagel

If we speak about online dating apps that deserve your attention, the procedure of registration is faster and simpler than OkCupid offers, but the info may be less accurate then. You receive a bagel per day, which is an equivalent of the potential match’s profile. Do not worry – the system finds only the best options as its search system works smartly. It is even possible to narrow down the search by mentioning the religion, ethnicity group, hobbies, etc. you can add up to 9 images at a time. Save the message history elsewhere if you are really interested in the specific person – the history will expire in a week! By spending 385 beans, you will speed up the work of the app and its updates significantly.